Rommel Fuertes


He may be keeping a low profile and performing his job discreetly, but when you get to know him, Rommel Fuertes becomes the quintessence of professionalism. Intelligent, resourceful, and versatile, there is nothing Rommel cannot do in and out of the newsroom. He is an astute reporter in the field, an adept writer when in the newsroom, and an artful anchorman once the mic is on.

He graduated from Lyceum of the Philippines University with a degree in AB Mass Communications. He initially worked for the print media. He started as a sports correspondent in Pilipino Star Ngayon a year before he graduated in 1991. After graduation, he landed a job in DWIZ as a newswriter and reporter. After some time, he moved to Radio Veritas also as a writer-reporter. In 1997, he became part of the longest running radio station in the Philippines, DZRH.

Rommel is now one of the senior writers in DZRH. Apart from his newswriting job, he also goes out in the field from time to time to cover police and consumer stories. He also does board work and substitutes to veteran anchormen and newscasters when they are on leave.

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