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Robredo’s camp admits Palace withdraws Vin d’Honneur’s invitation

Vice-president Leni Robredo
Vice-president Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo revealed that Malacacang withdrew their invitation for her to attend the first Vin D’ Honneur of President Rodrigo Duterte this Wednesday.

According to Vice Presidential Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez, the office of the Vice President received an invitation from the Palace last December 28.  The invitation stated that Robredo is being asked to attend the Vin D’ Honneur where in the President will be meeting with high-rank officials of the government in Malacanang.

However, Hernandez insisted that last January 4, Malacanang called the Office of the Vice President to retract the said invitation, because of limited guest list.

Robredo’s camp refused to comment further on the said issue.

This is not the first time that Robredo was turned down by Malacanang.  Last year, she was asked not to attend Cabinet meetings anymore; prompting the Vice President to resign from her post as Housing Czar.


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