Roach gears up for potential Cotto-Mayweather bout

Pacquiao-Mayweather bout still possible?

American trainer Freddie Roach is ready to prepare a strategy for Miguel Cotto in case Floyd Mayweather will choose to fight him instead of Manny Pacquiao for Cinco De Mayo.

According to Roach, if a rematch will happen, Cotto’s chances of beating the undefeated American champion are higher.

However, Roach said that the biggest fight for Mayweather would still be Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, for Chuch Liddel, the former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pacquiao will definitely beat Mayweather.

Liddel criticized Mayweather’s fighting skills, referred to them as overly defensive minded and isn’t giving the fight that the fans would want from him.

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