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Why Ricky Carandang quit

Carandang and Lacierda

PCDSPO Sec. Ricky Carandang has left his post in Malacanang effective December 31 and two days before President Benigno Aquino III went to Japan to attend the ASEAN Summit, the latter accepted Carandang’s resignation papers.

According to Presidential Spokesman Sec. Edwin Lacierda, Carandang opted to go back to the private sector.

“As any public officials he wants to return to the private sector, I believe that he(Carandang) has done a commendable job as the PCDSPO Secretary when most of the time you dont see him because he often works behind the scenes, meeting with several cabinet secretaries, meeting with the President discussing also messaging,” explained Lacierda.

Meanwhile, Lacierda also clarified reports that the real reason why Carandang left the Aquino administration was because the President wasn’t satisfied with his work.

In fact, the President even thanked Carandang for the service he rendered the administration and the country.

“One very certain fact was that the President thanked Ricky for his service to the country. And like any Cabinet official, it’s a very exciting job to be part of the President’s official family. But as everyone else, there comes the time where you would like to return to private sector as eventually all of us will,” added Lacierda.

There are some sources however that Carandang wasn’t able to stomach the pressure the Secretary is in and he is always being scolded by the President for the many wrongdoings his office commits, especially when the President’s trust ratings plummeted in the surveys.

The recent outburst of the President was when he saw Carandang in Tacloban City when he was not advice to be there by PNOY.

There were rumors that Carandang followed Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas when he went around Eastern Visayas.

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