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The return of Veronica Mars and Cory and Topanga

Boy Meets World cast

Before Justin Bieber became “The Biebs” and or Harry Styles can pronounce his alphabets, the likes of Ben Savage, Neil Patrick Harris, Ryder Strong and Jonathan Taylor Thomas were ruling every young girl’s heart.

Cory Matthews was the all-american boy who spent his entire teen-hood falling for just one girl, her childhood sweetheart Topanga, from “Boy Meets World”.  Neil Patrick Harris, pre-coming out of the closet era was a genius little kid who skipped high-school and proceeded to study medicine, but was too chicken out to ask the girl of her dreams, Wanda.

These guys were so popular back then, minus the sex, drugs and women sort of thing.  They were legit heartthrobs.  Remember going through racks of magazines and looking for that Tiger Beat edition where JTT was always at the cover.  Or the time when you had to beg your parents to subscribe to cable because you want to save Jared Leto’s character from “My So-called Life”.  Good times, right?

Guess what?  Coming this summer, Disney channel picked up the spin off to the much loved 90s series, Boy Meets World, this time, it’s “Girl Meets World”.

Cory and Topanga will reunite for the said project because the story will revolve around their daughter, Riley.  Aside from Cory and Topanga, fans of the defunct classic will also be happy to know that Lee Norris will be making an appearance to reprise his role as the nerdy “Stuart Minkus”.

Meanwhile, if we’re talking about cult-following here, who could ever forget the early 2000’s Veronica Mars?  Before Kristen Bell became the voice of “Gossip Girl” and “Anna” of Disney’s Frozen, she was Veronica Mars.


Showing in US theaters today, Veronica Mars the movie picks up where the story line left off when the series ended in 2007.  Years after walking away from her detective life, Veronica will have to pick up her detective specs once again as she tries to help her former beau who’s involved in a murder mystery.

What else would we want to see being revived?  It would be nice if the teens from Dawson’s Creek would reunite even for just one episode.  Though I would like to think that Buffy the Vampire Slayer would still be slaying vampires these days but that series ended by almost ending the world, so maybe we should skip that?

There were talks before that the cast of friends could reunite, but since most of the actors have their own series now, it would remain to be seen.

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