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Raymundo promotes gym safety after accident

Lance Raymundo (photo grabbed from Raymundo’s facebook account)

A week ago, gym enthusiast and former actor Lance Raymundo got into an accident after a 80-pound barbell fell on his face.

According to Raymundo, what happened to him was an accident and that he’s blaming nobody for it.

In an interview with a broadsheet, Lance was quoted saying that when he came to his senses, he realized that he no longer has a face.  The accident left Raymundo with a broken nose and fractures in the face.

He will be needing reconstructive surgery to fix his face.  Fortunately, the barbell didn’t end up either in his neck or skull or else that would’ve been fatal.

According to reports, the person assisting Raymundo accidentally dislodged the barbell while holding it on top of Lance when he leaned forward.

Lance’s mother appealed to his son’s producers and other involved companies which her son is under contract with to give his son time to recuperate since the doctors said that Lance’s recovery will take at least three months.

The former actor reminds gym goers to take extra precaution when dealing with gym equipment. They should always be focused and refrain from being distracted when assisting someone.

Right now, Raymundo and his mom are asking for prayers for his quick recovery.

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