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Rave Party Fatalities Died Of Multiple Organ Failure

Screen grabbed from internet
Screen grabbed from internet

The Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory has found traces of drugs and alcohol on two of five persons who collapsed and died during a party concert in Parañaque City last May 21, 2016.


In a news conference in Camp Crame on Tuesday, Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Aranas, Director of the PNP Crime Laboratory disclosed pertinent autopsy and histopathological examination findings on victims Kenichi “Ken” Migawa, 18 years old and American Eric Anthony Miller, 33 years old.


Both victims died due to multiple organ failure, Aranas said, noting the serious damages to the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys of the two victims.


He said, there was massive enlargement of the brain on both victims, a condition which he said was irreversible. Autopsy findings also noted abnormalities on the cardiac muscle fibers, and severe edema of the lungs.


Citing toxicology test results, Aranas said traces of amphetamine-based metabolytes were found on both victims, particularly para-methoxyamphetamine  (PMA) and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), the active ingredient found in the party drug “Ecstasy.”


The PNP Crime Laboratory also found traces of methylenedioxycathinone (MDC) on Migawa. Aranas described this particular drug as relatively “new.”


Toxicology showed both Migawa and Miller had high levels of blood alcohol content (BAC). Aranas explained that the alcohol ingested by the victims boosted the effects of the drugs.


He noted the case of Miller who had a body temperature of 41 degrees Celsius when brought to the Manila Doctors Hospital where he expired after several hours. (Joel C. Atencio)

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