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Pulse Asia: 91% registered Filipino voters in favor of automated election in the future polls

Philippine Midterm elections. (Photo courtesy of Associated Press)

At least 91 percent of Filipinos are still in favor of having an automated election in the future, the recent Pulse Asia survey stated.

On Wednesday, the Pulse Asia survey results revealed that 84 percent of Filipinos trusted the result of the recent midterm polls while 94 percent of them said that the vote-counting machines (VCM) were easy to use. Also, more than half of the respondents, or 55 percent, said that they were able to cast their votes in less than 30 minutes.

The Pulse Asia survey, which was conducted on over 1,200 people, also showed that 84 percent of registered voters have cast their votes while only 9 percent or 61 million Filipino voters failed to do so. Some reasons for their failure to cast their vote are the inability to go to their province where they are registered to vote, followed by falling ill or having to go to work.

During the 2019 May polls, at least 961 vote-counting machines and more than 1,600 Secure Digital (SD) cards reportedly malfunctioned that resulted to a delay in the voting process in some areas.

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