Priests and lawyers stand against Oplan Tokhang

Aftermath of an Oplan Tokhang (Photo by DZRH Boy Gonzales)
Aftermath of an Oplan Tokhang (Photo by DZRH Boy Gonzales)

Church officials, lawyers, and human rights advocates condemn the resumption of the Philippine National Police’s Oplan Tokhang.

Father Gilbert Billena of the group ‘Rise Up for Life and for Rights’ insists that Oplan Tokhang is not effective in stopping crime.

National Union of People’s Lawyers gave their support to the Catholic Church, and promised to assist in filing cases against the people behind the murders of drug suspects.

The group also said that they will give legal assistance to the families of the victims of the war on drugs.

The PNP resumed their Oplan Tokhang this week. The agency has invited the Church officials and Barangay Officials to serve as witnesses of the police operations.

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