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Prez Duterte willing to reveal bank documents to PACC

Malacañang Photo

President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his willingness to open his bank account to the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) as opposition members continue to criticize his supposed ill-gotten wealth.

“Ano mang silipin mo sa akin? You — you want to know my bank accounts? I’ll give it to you, right now. Walang biro, sulutan ko.

“Or kayo may mga kapatid talaga kayo nasa Central Bank. I will not take it against you, sige buksan ninyo ‘yung computer,” the President said during the oath taking of the PACC at the Rizal Hall, in Malacañan Palace on Tuesday, March 6.

Duterte, however, emphasized that he would only reveal his bank records to the said commission and not to the opposition who continue to allege him of stolen riches without substantial evidence.

“Pero ikaw kalaban ko sa politika? Do not — if you want evidence, do not get it from my mouth or make me do the effort. G*** ka ba? Bakit ko gagawain sa iyo ‘yan?” he said.

The President also emphasized that he would be willing to step down from his post if the money in his bank account exceeds Php 40 million.

“If it exceeds 40 million kasala — kasali ko na ang inheritance ko noon. And the original entered is Bank of Asia and America, and that was time when we
had the partition of our property. ‘Yan ang unang makita mo sa — sa money laundering records. Lahat naman tayo.

“Magsobra diyan, I step down. Sige,” Duterte pledged.

Duterte’s staunch critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, has repeatedly accused Duterte and his family of accumulating more than Php 2 billion of ill-gotten wealth.

Just last month, the Office of the Ombudsman terminated the probe on the Duterte’s alleged stolen wealth after the Anti-money Laundering Council refused to release the needed documents.

In its defense, Malacañang reiterated that the case was shutdown due to lack of evidence.

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