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Prez Duterte threatens arrest against ‘uncooperative’ Boracay officials

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Wednesday threatened to arrest local officials in Boracay who continue to be uncooperative in the government’s efforts to rehabilitate the island which the President deemed as a ‘cesspool’.

Speaking at the 145th founding anniversary of Tarlac and the 2nd Kanlungan ng Lahi (KanLAHI) festival, the President cited three issues where the government must intervene.

According to Duterte, it is the right of the government to intervene on issues such as promotion of public health, public interest, and law and order.

“Public interest, because kung hayaan mo ‘yang ganun, time will come when it is so polluted, it can no longer be of use for the next generation. It is to our interest to preserve its pristine state just like before,” the President said.

The Chief Executive also took a jab at those who are unwilling to work with the government in cleansing the popular tourist spot.

“Sa Boracay, suplado ‘yung mga tao, ayaw mag-cooperate,” he said.

“Kasi kung ayaw nila mag-cooperate and they begin to protest, eh kayo naman ang may kasalanan diyan, you were responsible for the damage all these years, pati ‘yung mga local officials who were all nonchalant of the problem there, aarestuhin ko kayong lahat,” he said.

“And if you put up a fight then I’ll charge you for sedition, preventing government to do what is good for the Filipino people. ‘Yan lang ang maiwan ko sa kanila,” he further said.

During his speech, the Chief Executive insisted that he aims to protect and preserve the country’s environment.

“I’m here to protect my country, I believe that if I stop this crusade, it would have compromised the country and the next generation. Then it would have been my failure in my time na wala akong ginawa,” he added.

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