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Prez Duterte quips: Why should I fire Calida?

Solicitor General Jose Calida

President Rodrigo Duterte was quick to take the side of Solicitor-General Jose Calida as the clamor for the latter’s resignation intensifies.

The president is asked to axe Calida from his post on the issue of conflict of interest.  The said issue stemmed from the multi-million contract deal between some government agencies with the security agency owned by the family of Calida.

However, Duterte insisted that it is not an issue for him if Calida’s family was able to acquire contract with different agencies in the government because the solicitor general’s security agency has long been servicing the government.

The president added, are people not allowed to do business just because they are government officials?

According to President Duterte there is nothing illegal with the government acquiring the security agency owned by Calida.

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