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Prez Duterte offers to host “world human rights summit”


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President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday offered to host the world human rights summit amid criticisms on alleged extrajudicial killings in the country due to his administration’s war on illegal drugs.

The President made the suggestion during a press briefing in Da Nang Vietnam where he proposed the Philippines to host the human rights summit to tackle all the nations’ human rights violations.

“We should call a summit. I will volunteer to make the Philippines the venue,” Duterte said.

“World summit on human rights. You’ll see, it will all come out. And all the victims of human rights violation are invited to come and air their gripe or grievances,” he added.

According to the President, human rights advocates should not be targeting the Philippines alone, since other nations have their own faults with humanity.

“Bakit ako lang? There are so many violations of human rights, including by the United States, including the continuous bombing in the Middle East killing civilians. Pati mga bata, eskuwelahan nila,” said Duterte.

During Thursday’s press briefing, the President also aired his displeasure against United Nations special rapporteur Agnes Callamard, whom Duterte threatened to “slap” if she continues on her plan to investigate him.

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