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Prez Duterte lashes out at EU anew

Philippines 'President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Pool/Mark Cristino)
Philippines ‘President Rodrigo Duterte
(REUTERS/Pool/Mark Cristino)

President Rodrigo Duterte has once again challenged diplomats from the European Union to leave the country within 24 hours.

The president made the statement during his speech at the re-launch of the new Executive building press briefing room.

President Duterte’s threat stemmed after the Human Rights’ Watchdog on October 9 warned the President that the Philippines may be removed from the United Nations Human Rights Council because of its alleged human rights violations.

The Progressive Alliance and the Party of European Socialists were also in the country as they voiced out their concern over the growing number of victims of alleged extra-judicial killings.

The two groups warned the President that if his administration’s bloody war on drugs campaign will continue, there is a possibility that the relation of the country with the international community may take a beating.

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