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Prez Duterte assaults CHR, USA, and EU anew

Photo by DZRH Liezel Once
Photo by DZRH Liezel Once

President Rodrigo Duterte once again criticized the Commission on Human Rights for questioning the human rights of prisoners being placed at solitary confinement.

The President advised the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology officials to ignore CHR since prisoners, especially the so-called Very Important Prisoners (VIPs), should not have cellphones in their cells, and should not be given privileges.

The President further added that he will allow representatives of the CHR to be imprisoned if they continue to comment on the issue of solitary confinement, and that he will allow it.

Duterte also promised that he will gratify the BJMP during the third year of his term, after giving additional benefits to the military and the police.

“I will take care of you maybe, may nakita na kasi akong pera pero nirereserba ko, on the third year pwede na. Kayo naman ang pakialaman ko.” Duterte said during the 36th anniversary of BJMP. “Huwag kayong maniwala diyan sa Human Rights. Huwag kang maniwala na bawal iyan bartolina.”

Meanwhile, the President commented on the European Union’s appeal to stop the return of death penalty in the Philippines.

Duterte insist that America and EU should not meddle with internal affairs of the Philippines.

The President further added that US and EU are building stations for the sale of illegal drugs in different countries in order for people to become addicts.

“It’s really America and the rest of the EU. They would call you from time to time and insist that we do away with the Death Penalty, and ang masakit pa diyan, they go around the world and one of their prescription to solve crime or to make it easy for criminals, that is how you interpret it, is really to set up stations, parang health stations, and make available yung mga substances na sa addiction.”

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