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“Pork Barrel unconstitutional”

Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta

An Associate Justice of the Supreme Court admitted that the Pork Barrel of Senators and Lawmakers is considered unconstitutional.

During the budget hearing of the Senate Committee on Finance, Associate Justice Disodado Peralta gave an affirmative answer when asked by Senate President Franklin Drilon if the TRO against PDAF was because of the preliminary finding that the Pork Barrel fund is against the constitution.

According to Justice Peralta, the issued Temporary Restraining Order by the Supreme Court, they considered PDAF as unconstitutional.

However, only after the oral argument, set on October 8 will the SC able to declare if, indeed the Pork Barrel is legal or a violation of the constitution.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to discuss the petition questioning the legality of the PDAF.

Meanwhile, Drilon said that the high court needs to decide before the year ends.    (Aly Narvaez)

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