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Pope Francis celebrates Christmas at the Vatican


Pope Francis was the main celebrant at Vatican’s traditional Christmas midnight mass.

Two hours before the clock struck midnight, the Pope started the mass at the jam-packed St. Peters Basilica.

In his Homily, the Pope reminded the Catholics of the traits of Jesus Christ that all of us should emulate.

Even though the Lord owns the whole humanity, He chose for His only son to be born in a manger, and poor.

The nine-month old Pope is known for his love for the poor and his un-traditional approach on some issues that the Vatican used to shy away from.

Pope Francis added that even if the most important news during those times was the birth of our Savior, the Lord chose the shepherds to know about His son’s birth, before the three wise men arrived at the manger.

Meanwhile, Vatican Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Guissepi Pinto mentioned as part of his Homily when he celebrated mass at Palo Cathedral last night that Pope Francis intends to visit the Philippines soon.

Archbishop Pinto headed the celebration of the midnight Christmas mass in Leyte, one of the areas affected by the recent calamity.

Pinto was tasked by Pope Francis to visit the Philippines and spend his Christmas in Tacloban, with the survivors of typhoon Yolanda.

Yesterday, Archbishop Pinto went to Tacloban City and went around churches that were wiped-out by the typhoon.

Today, Pinto celebrated the Christmas mass at the Sto. Nino Church in Tacloban City.




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