Video of polite taxi driver goes viral on social media

Photo credit from the owner
Photo: Rommel Lopez Facebook

Amid the recent flak being received by cab drivers because of some reports of arrogance and violence from their fellow cab drivers, a video now has gone viral in social media, this time, it is something positive.

A netizen named Rommel Lopez shared his admiration to taxi driver Eugenio Ventura for being polite to his passengers.

In a post of Lopez about Ventura which aims to let  people know that there are still taxi drivers with good heart, gained more than 200, 000 likes.

Lopez narrated that Ventura did not accept a tip he offered and return his change.

According to Ventura, it is the responsibility of a taxi driver to be polite to passengers since their livelihood comes from them.

It can be remember that in recent days, videos of abusive drivers went viral and they were even called at the LTFRB as their passengers filed complaints against them.

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