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PNP Chief visits PNPA

Police Chief Dir. Gen. Oscar Albayalde

Philippine National Police Chief Dir. Gen. Oscar Albayalde is challenging the cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy to prove that they are worthy to become police, jail and fire officers after they graduate from the academy.

During his visit to the cadets at the PNPA in Silang, Cavite, Albayalde admitted that the public’s perception on the PNPA is not good, especially in recent days as they have been haunted by different controversies.

Albayalde added that the wrong deeds of some affect the whole image of the PNPA and the PNP.

However, Albayalde said that the PNP is now investigating all these incidents and that those who committed wrongdoings will be punished.

The PNPA doesn’t tolerate such behavior from its cadets.

Aside from the incident wherein upperclassmen were beaten up by their underclassmen in March, the PNPA is now plagued with the oral sex scandal.

All media were asked to leave the room during the COMMANDERS’ TIME, in order for the cadets to be able to speak their minds in front of Gen. Albayalde and other high-rank officials of the PNP.


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