PNP Albayalde says: police in PNPA relieved even before lewd scandal

PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde speaking to reporters on Wednesday, October 23 (Photo by DZRH Raymund Dadpaas)

Philippine National Police Chief Dir. Gen. Oscar Albayalde confirmed that the cop assigned at the PNP Academy was relieved two years ago, even before the oral sex scandal happened.

Alabayalde said that they have been receiving reports of unjustified punishments that were being enforced against cadets from the academy.

Due to these rumors, the PNP chief ordered the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management to recall all police officers assigned in the academy back to Camp Crame, the headquarters of the PNP.

Albayalde confirmed that C/Supt. Joseph Adnol will remain the PNPA director even with the management has been turned over from the Philippine Public Safety College to the PNP.

Albayalde said that Andol may be skilled but there are things in the PNPA that he has no control over.

Recently, the PNPA has become the topic of controversy due to three senior cadets allegedly forcing underclassmen to perform oral sex as punishment.

The suspects are facing administrative and criminal charges, including violation of the anti-hazing law. Adnol also reported that the cadets have been placed in isolation as authorities investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, Albayalde also assured that the three cadets will be dismissed from the PNPA if proven guilty of the incident.

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