PNP-ACG: more victims fall prey to investment scams because of social media

(screen grabbed from internet)

More and more Filipinos are falling victims to investment scams because of the internte and social media.

Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group spokesman PS/Insp. Artemio Cinco Jr. said that in the past, investment scammers need to personally persuade their victims, which was being face to face.

However, since majority of the public already have social media accounts, scammers no longer have to speak with their victims personally and can reach multiple people through a single post in the internet.

“Dahil nga ang tao ngayon halos lahat gumagamit na ng social media, hindi na kinakailangan mag-isa-isa.” Cinco said during DZRH’sĀ One On One. “Dito, isang post lang marami ng makakakita.”

Cinco also explained that the victims of investment scams continue to increase due to some people sharing their successful experience in the said scheme

The police official claimed that, at the start, scammers will only ask a small amount of investment, and will even fulfill their promise of fast and large interests.

Though, as time goes by and more individuals are attracted to the investment scheme, scammers will start asking for larger amount of money and will no longer make true with their promises.

“Maka-ilang ulit kayong makakatanggap ng interes, at, dahil nakakatanggap kayo ng interes, napapaniwala na kayo maigi at nilalakihan na nila. Itong mga tao na biktima nanghihikayat ng iba na sumama sa kanila.” Cinco explained.

Cinco further advised the public to do a background check on people or companies offering investment proposals with large gains, sinceĀ most social media accounts used by scammers are newly made.

“Kapag tayo ay hinihikayat sa social media ng isang klase ng investment, paki-background investigation, paki-background check yung mismong profile nung kumakausap sa iyo.” Cinco added. “Normally kasi yung mga social media accounts na ito ay bagong gawa.”

The PNP-ACG spokesperson added that the public should be wary of posts from unknown individuals since scammers also create fake accounts for their illegal activites.

“Huwag tayong magpapaniwala sa mga nababasa natin sa social media, sapagkat napaka-daling itago ang identity ng mga tao gamit ang social, gamit ang pagkakakinlanlan ng ibang tao.” The spokesperson warned.




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