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PNoy strikes back at media anew

PNOY once again strikes back at members of media

President Benigno Aquino III isn’t done with lambasting the media and columnists who, according to him continuously criticize him and his government.

During the 114th anniversary of the Manila Bulletin, PNOY said that not like the said institution where most of their articles focus on what’s good and gives out positive news, there are some members of the media and columnists who live their lives in negativism, or attacking him with nonsense.

The President said that media should raise the bar in public discourse to the public instead of fueling up with ungrounded speculations and intrigues that just adds up to the nation’s suffering.

According to PNOY, “This is what I have always asked of media: to raise the level of public discourse, instead of fueling unnecessary speculation and negativity that contributes to national apathy,”

For a long time, PNOY said that the said newspaper has showed discernment and accountability through smooth and responsible reporting.

Meanwhile, President Aquino said that he’s glad that instead of believing his critics, many still choose to follow the straight path of positivity and solidarity.

“The naysayers, the irrational critics, the vested interests who measure their success through their ability to sacrifice the well-being of the nation to pursue their own, selfish agenda, all of them have been left in the dust by a nation that no typhoon, no faction, and no irresponsible columnist can break.  Our people have proven themselves more united, more discerning, more cooperative, and in particular, more committed to making change permanent than those who once tried to take advantage of them,” added Aquino.

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