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Plot thickens in the killing of Cherry Pie Picache’s mom


Authorities believe that there could be more than one suspect in the murder of tv actress’ Cherry Pie Picache’s mother.

According to the investigator of the case, there’s a possibility that the mastermind, Michael Flores had two or more accomplices.

With the investigation of the QCPD, Flores owns the clothes found inside the home of the victim, Mrs. Zenaida Sison, 79 years old.

The Police also believes that the blood found in both the clothes and inside the house were from the victim and the suspects.

They now have in their custody the CCTV footage of the outside area of the victim’s house where the camera swiped a male under an umbrella, believed to be Flores.

Meanwhile, Cherry Pie is asking the public to help her in the whereabouts of the Flores.

The actress wants the pictures of the suspect spread in all forms of social media for his immediate capture.

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