Pisay board of trustees reconsiders decision on students involved in sharing lewd photos online

Philippine Science High School (FILE PHOTO)

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) board of trustees on Friday said it will reconsider its earlier decision to allow 6 male students to graduate after they allegedly uploaded nude photos of their underage girlfriends online.

Their decision came after students, alumni and parents flocked inside the PSHS campus on Thursday, May 24 and held a protest, urging the school’s board of trustees (BOT) to prevent the students from graduating after they allegedly uploaded nude photos of their underage girlfriends online, who are also PSPH scholars.

The lewd photos were reportedly uploaded online two years ago but have only come to light earlier this year.

In a previous statement of PSPH’s management, the school officials together with the students, and parent-teachers association agreed not to allow the involved male students from graduating after violating the school’s code of conduct.

As stated in their code of conduct, students who engage in any form of voyeurism, including the posting of nude photos and videos, shall not be eligible for graduation. However, the school’s BOT overturned the initial decision against the students and decided to include their names in the list of graduates despite the protests from the student body and alumni association.

On Friday, PSHS ex-officio board member Senator Bam Aquino IV said in a statement that the issue was up for review and that he agreed with the recommendations of Discipline and Management Committee to not allow the students to graduate but instead give them a certificate of completion.

“My representative raised the issue with me and the matter is now up for reconsideration. We will vote in favor of the recommendation of the Discipline Committee and Management Committee, which is not to allow the identified students to graduate based on the degree of their offenses and previous decisions in similar cases,” the senator said.

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  1. Nelson M. Bunagan

    These guilty Students must suffer the consequences of their damaging actions, just like anyone else in our society, lest allowing them to get away with it will serve as a bad precedence for any school or institution.

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