More Pinoys trust US over China, says SWS survey

More Filipinos have expressed their trust in the United States rather than the Republic of China, said the Social Weather Stations on February 28.

According to the SWS survey conducted on December 8 to 16 2017, 75 percent of Filipinos trust the US compared to China which was only able to accumulate a sum of 14 percent.

The survey firm tested fourteen specific countries for public trust of which the US led followed by Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Laos, and lastly North Korea.

The survey found a ‘very good’ net trust ratings for the United States at +68, Canada at +55, and Japan at +54.

Followed by a ‘moderate’ net trust ratings for Singapore at +29, Malaysia at +20, Thailand at +19, Indonesia at +18, Brunei at +16, and Vietnam at +13.

A ‘neutral’ net trust ratings for Myanmar at +8, Cambodia at +7, China at +7, and Laos at +3.

And finally a ‘poor’ -19 net trust rating for North Korea.

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