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Php 18.9 B worth of illegal drugs seized during Prez Duterte’s stint


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The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has apprehended an estimate of Php 18.9 billion worth of illegal drugs since the beginning of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte’s stern war on illegal drugs.

According to PDEA, the large number of drugs seized was the result of 79, 492 operations from July until December 5.

PDEA added that most of the confiscated drug were crystal meth or more commonly known as ‘shabu’, of which the Duterte administration seized a total of 2,531.32 kilograms.

Meanwhile, PDEA was able to destroy some 163 drugs dens, 132 plantations of cannabis, and nine illegal drug laboratories.

Records of PDEA also show an estimate of 4,747 barangays being “cleared” of drug problems following a series of anti-illegal drugs operation from July until the start of December.

Law enforcers have also reportedly captured a total of 118,392 drug suspects from the operations, in which casualties totaled to about 3,968.

According to authorities, the killed drug suspects were due to their violence in resisting arrest and raising arms against cops.

On Tuesday, December 5, Duterte gave the Philippine National Police (PNP) a go signal to return in the administration’s war on drugs together with the PDEA, which remains as its lead agency.


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