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Philippines under State of National Calamity

PNOY declares Philippines under State of National Calamity

President Benigno Aquino III has just declared the Philippines to be under State of National Calamity amid the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda.

In his nationwide telecast message, the President stated that he has decided to declare the State of National Calamity to hasten the rescue, distribution of aid, and rehabilitation to victims of the said calamity.

PNOY insisted that it’s important to declare such act to be able to control the prices of basic commodities and services.

The President also asked for understanding in how the government takes time in their relief operations.

Aquino said that it’s not easy to give out immediate help especially when lines of communication and electricity are down in affected areas.

Communication is very difficult as of the moment.

Even the local government is affected by the calamity therefore chaos can’t be avoided.

I line with this, the national government stepped up organizing and giving out help to the victims of the deluge.

During his speech, the President said that there are at least 55 thousand relief packs, everyday, they release in three main repacking centers.

Barangays are tasked to distribute the relief goods for better control of the situation.

The government is centered on distributing clean water and food, and that authorities are more inclined in making sure that the victims will survive hunger.

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