Persons of interest in multi-million dollar money heist, a no-show in Senate hearing anew

(photo by DZRH Milky Rigonan)
(photo by DZRH Milky Rigonan)

Couple Salud and Concon Bautista failed to attend yesterday’s Senate hearing regarding the multi-million dollar money laundering scandal.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee continued with its investigation on the $81 million that was stolen from the Bangladesh Central Bank.

During the last hearing, Senator TG Guingona already warned the couple that they will be charged with contempt because of their changing statement regarding the said issue.

Aside from this, they even refused to show their accounts to Philrem.

Meanwhile, the CEO of RCBC, Lorenzo Tan was also a no-show during the said hearing.  He has resigned from his post recently.

Only Kim Wong was present during yesterday’s hearing.  He submitted a waiver allowing TELCO to look into the exchange of messages and calls among the people involved before the money was transmitted from Bangladesh.

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