PDEA to release additional list of narco-politicians

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) will release an additional list of incumbent village (barangay) officials, who are suspected to be involved in illegal drugs operations.

According to PDEA Dir. Wilkins Villanueva, they have enough evidence against the names included in the newly publicized narco-list.

Villanueva explained that included in the new narco-list are village chairmen, who are either protectors, users, or even pushers of illegal drugs.

The new list, which will be released by PDEA’s central office any day, will have about 274 names of alleged narco-politicians.

On April 30, PDEA has already released the names of 229 local government officials, who are suspected to be involved in the trade of illegal substances.

While the agency insisted that the list was validated by four different intelligence agencies, the release of the list was criticized by various personalities.

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