PDEA: 64 names in narco-list seek re-election in May polls

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) revealed that 64 out of the 82 politicians included in the narco-list are re-electionists in the mid-term elections on May.

PDEA Dir. Gen. Aaron Aquino confirmed on Tuesday, March 5, that 64 politicians in the narco-list filed certificates of candidacy (COCs) while the remaining 18 politicians decided to not run in the May polls.

Aquino also confirmed that he has received an order to release the narco-list, but PDEA will first re-validate the names of the narco-politicians before making the list public.

The PDEA chief also stressed that he oppose revealing or disclosing the narco-list. He believes that it would be better to gather evidence and file charges against narco-politicians.

That has been my statement from the beginning. Even before the filing of the COCs, that is already my stand,” Aquino said.

However, Aquino said that he will follow the order of President Rodrigo and Department of Interior and Local Government Sec. Eduardo Ano to publicize the list.

If it will be ordered by the President that this list will be revealed, I should abide by that. I think the authority to disclose the list was not given to PDEA but instead to the SILG (Secretary of the Interior and Local Government),” Aquino explained.

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