PCG: About 5,000 passengers stranded in ports due to Typhoon Ompong

Philippine Coast Guard

About 5,000 passengers have been stranded at various ports in the Philippines on Friday, September 14, due to the inclement weather caused by Typhoon Ompong.

As of 8:00AM, the Philippine Coast Guard has registered 4,805 stranded passengers in Western Visayas, Bicol, Eastern Visayas, Southern Visayas, Southern Tagalog, and South Western Mindanao.

From the said number, 1,447 passengers are stranded at Dumaguete port in Negros Oriental, while 1,022 passengers are stranded at Matnog port in Sorsogon.

Passengers are also stranded in the following ports:

  • Pascao port, Camarines Sur (35 passengers)
  • Tabaco City port, Albay (122 passengers)
  • Pilar port, Sorsogon (188 passengers)
  • Bato port, Western Leyte (38 passengers)
  • Liloan port, Southern Leyte (250 passengers)
  • Balwarteco port, Northern Samar (68 passengers)
  • San Isidro port, Northern Samar (16 passengers)
  • Jubasan port, Northern Samar (245 passengers)
  • Batangas port, Batangas (578 passengers)
  • Romblon port, Romblon (10 passengers)
  • Talao Talao port, Southern Quezon (13 passengers)
  • Balanacan port, Southern Quezon (59 passengers)
  • Pinamalayan port, Southern Quezon (12 passengers)
  • Real port, Northern Quezon (51 passengers)
  • Infanta port, Northern Quezon (24 passengers)
  • Polilo port, Northern Quezon (70 passengers)
  • Panguturan port, Sulu (151 passengers)
  • Bongao port, Central Tawi-Tawi (406 passengers)

Meanwhile, 613 rolling cargoes, 57 vessels, and 56 motorbancas are also stranded in various ports due to the inclement weather.

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