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Public Attorney’s Office, dissatisfied with weakened Death Penalty Bill


The Public Attorney’s Office is dismayed with the weaker version of the Death Penalty Bill.

PAO Chief Percida Rueda Acosta in a press conference made the statement following the near ratification of the said bill.

Acosta believes that kidnapping, rape, homicide, and other heinous crimes should be included in the list of crimes punishable with death.

The PAO Chief also dissipated the worries of the public regarding the Death Penalty. Acosta explained that according to Section 8 of the Death Penalty Bill, their office can review the decisions of the Lower Court.

Acosta also reacted to the statement of the critics of the Death Penalty Bill, that even criminals have the right live. The PAO chief insists that an innocent Filipino has more right to live than a criminal.

PAO hopes that there will still be changes in the said bill, during the 3rd reading and during the Bicameral Conference. The PAO chief also added that it is written in the Bible, that the Lord, himself, ordered to kill those who don’t want to follow His Word (‘patayin sa kaniyang harapan ang sinumang ayaw sumunod sa kaniyang kautusan.’).

In the latest version of the said bill in the Congress, only crimes involved with drugs will be given the death penalty. The 3rd and Final reading of the Death Penalty Bill in the House of Representatives is scheduled this Sunday, March 8, before passing it to the Senate.

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