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Pampanga under state of calamity due to bird flu outbreak

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Governor Lilia Pineda has declared a state of calamity in the province of Pampanga after an outbreak of the ‘bird flu’ spread through the town of San Luis.

In an interview with DZRH, Governor Pineda announced that they will closely inspect and monitor all poultry farms to assure that the ‘avian flu virus’ be contained and eradicated promptly.

The declaration of the state of calamity came after 37,000 fowls were killed due to the outbreak of the virus in the six different farms.

Governor Pineda has ordered that other poultry farms who have the same case be shut down immediately.

The Governor is also weighing whether or not to allow the condemned poultry farms to‘re-new’ their permits after being contaminated with the virus.

The Department of Agriculture has scheduled the slaughter of all fowls that may affect nearby farms located within the one kilometer radius. A quarantine area was also declared within one kilometer of the affected poultry farms in San Luis.

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