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Palawan Governor vows safety of tourists

Palawan Gov. Jose Alvarez (photo credit: www.palawan-news,com)
Palawan Gov. Jose Alvarez (photo credit: www.palawan-news,com)

Following the travel warning issued by the United States (US) Embassy to its citizens planning a visit in Palawan, Gov. Jose ‘Pepito’ Alvarez assured that tight security in the province is being implemented.

Alvarez said heightened security is being imposed by local government units especially in the river tunnels that might be used by terrorist groups.

Around 30 speed boats are currently being mobilized in all oceans surrounding the province to secure the safety of the people.

Aside from this, people in the province have high security awareness about the bandits, which is why the Governor is confident that kidnapping and threat will not push through due to the capacity of the weapons the military and local government have.


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