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Palace violates constitution anew

Senator Serge Osmeña III SENATE PHOTO

Malacanang is being accused of violating the constitution again, for allegedly disregarding the decision of the Supreme Court regarding line item budgeting because there’s still pork barrel inserted in the 2015 national budget.

This was the reaction of Sen. Serge Osmena after former Senator Panfilo Lacson revealed the 424 billion peso lump sum appropriation which is susceptible for corruption.

According to Osmena, Malacanang made a promise to the lawmakers that they are allowed to identify the projects that will be funded by the above mentioned amount.

The Senator explained that there’s a grey area when it comes to calling it “pork barrel” because the said fund isn’t under any lawmaker’s name but on the projects of the government agencies that the solons choose from.  The lump sum will go through this process.

The veteran Senator is against members of Congress to investigate on Lacson’s expose because it’s nearly impossible to question these lawmakers if they will personally benefit from the said fund.

It’s always been a tradition that the pork barrel is being used by the President to have control on the two houses of Congress.

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