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Palace slams Joma Sison’s conditions before going back to PHL

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Malacanang was quick to slam the conditions provided by National Democratic Front’s founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison before he decides to return for another round of peace talks with the government.

During a press briefing in Malacanang on Monday, Presidential Spokesman Sec. Harry Roque said that JOMA should not be demanding any condition since this is the last chance that President Rodrigo Duterte is giving the communist group.

Even the president assured Joma’s safety once he decides to go home to the Philippines, and continue with the peace talks.

Roque insisted that the NDF-CPP-NPA leader will not be arrested once he sets foot in the country. However, when probed if this will include while Joma is enroute to the Philippines; Roque said that it is beyond the Philippines’ jurisdiction if Joma gets arrested while travelling back to the country.

President Duterte gave a time frame of 60 days for the start of the peace talks between the government and the communist group.

I don’t know if he is in a position to provide for conditions.  What the President said was if peace talks will resume, he is welcome to come home.  The President will assure his security and the fact that he will not be arrested.  Beyond that, the Presdient has not acceded to any further terms.

Prior to this, Joma stated that he is worried to return to the country because of the ‘terrorist tag’ that the US government gave him.

(with DZRH Florante Rosales)

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