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Palace shrugs off Jinggoy’s comment on Pork Barrel Fund scam whistleblowers

Senator Jinggoy Estrada

Malacanang has no time for the petty comments made by opposition Senator Jinggoy Estrada that allegedly, the whistleblowers are of the Pork Barrel Fund scam are on the brink of going their separate ways since Benhur Luy let go of lead counsel Atty. Levito Baligod.

Presidential Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda said that Justice Secretary Leila De Lima is confident that their case against Senators’ Juan Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla Jr. is strong enough even without Baligod in the picture.

Lacierda added that the DOJ is committed in pushing through with the Plunder case it filed at the Office of the Ombudsman against the accused because of the evidence the agency holds against the personalities involved.

Atty. Baligod himself stated that he will not back out from his advocacy to continue his fight against the pork barrel fund scam even if Luy terminated his services because he still has other witnesses for the said case.

Meanwhile, Lacierda can’t help but throw some snide remarks toward Senator Revilla with the latter’s dare for the President and other members of the Cabinet to undergo life style check.

The Cabinet Secretary answered that instead of dragging people to the controversy the Senator could just answer the issues and fight the evidence against him before challenging the President.

Ano ang relevance ng pag-challenge sa amin? How does it, will it improve his credibility? I think it is irrelevant. What is the point? I think the most important thing is sagutin na lang ang isyu. Hwag na syang mandamay, maganda siguro, pandayin niya ng husto ang kaso niya. Stick to the case and answer the issues against him, that’s it. Bec. a lifestyle to other members who are not part of the case will not make him more ncredible or less credible, it is irrelevant to the issues surrounding him.”

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