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Palace dares Prez Duterte’s critics to file a case against him over alleged EJKs

File Photo: President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Ezra Acayan)

Prior to President Rodrigo Duterte’s admission on the existence of extrajudicial killings, the Palace has now broken its silence and issued a ‘salty’ statement against the chief executive’s critics.

“ICC is reserved as a court of last resort. Ang problema, wala naman po nagdedemanda dito kay presidente. Maski meron siyang immunity while he sits in office, pwede po magfile sa Ombudsman and the Ombudsman can investigate for purposes of recommending impeachment proceedings. I’m sure after three more years, pwede naman siya makasuhan,” Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said on Monday.

Roque even dared Duterte’s critics to file a complaint against him in the country. He added that the ICC has jurisdiction over the alleged killings, the complainants need to prove the country’s justice system is not working. Being a lawyer himself, Roque finds it ‘insulting’ to judges and lawyers for critics to imply the judicial system in the country is not working.

Hindi man siya perpekto, gumagana pa rin,” he said.

Earlier, Roque himself addressed that the president himself is just being ‘playful,’ and that his critics should not take his statement literally. He justified that Duterte did not admit to committing murder.

“I don’t think this amounts to the admission because for it to be an admission, he must have explicitly admitted to the crime of murder, which he has not,” Roque said.

Meanwhile, the  ICC has not yet even started its preliminary investigation into the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country even though it announced its preliminary probe in February that still remains, up to this day, unclear.

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