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OSG insists ICC has no jurisdiction over charges against Prez Duterte

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Dondi Tawatao/Files)

The Office of the Solicitor General insists that the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over the Crimes Against Humanity case filed against President Rodrigo Duterte and other government officials.

In a statement, Atty. Erik Dy, spokesperson of the OSG, the ICC cannot replace the courts in the Philippines.

The OSG released this statement following the declaration of an international criminal law prosecutor that they have started a preliminary investigation that will identify whether the ICC has jurisdiction over the issue.

Dy explained that the ICC will only have jurisdiction over the case if the courts in the Philippines failed in their mandate.

The OSG official further added that there are enough laws and remedies that will allow the Philippine courts to act on the alleged extrajudicial killings connected to the anti-illegal drug campaign of the Duterte Administration.

Dy insisted that the ICC does not need to intervene in the issue since there are still two petitions, which questions the government’s ‘War On Drugs’, that are pending in the Supreme Court.

Previously, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has said that the President welcomes the examination since he is already tired of being accused of committing crimes against humanity.


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