Oil Price Rollback scheduled tomorrow

(screen grabbed from internet)
(screen grabbed from internet)

Motorists will be experiencing a new oil price rollback this June 20.

According to Energy Undersecretary Felix Fuentebella, the domestic prices of Gasoline, Diesel, and Kerosene, were affected by the oil trading in the world market last week.

Fuentebella estimates that the price of Gasoline will decrease by Php 0.75 and the price of Diesel and Kerosene will decrease by Php 0.15.

The official also clarified that the price rollback might change based on the trading activities last June 16.

This will be the third consecutive week that there was a rollback in the price of petroleum products this month.

Last June, the price of per liter of Kerosene decreased by Php 1.20, the price of per liter of Diesel decreased by Php 0.95, and the price of per liter of Gasoline decreased by Php 0.80.

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