Oil companies implement price rollback for 7th straight week

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For the seventh straight week, Oil companies have announced a rollback in the price of their petroleum products.

Shell Philippines, Petron Corporation, Flying V Fuel Company, Total Philippines Corporation, Petro Gazz, and PTT Philippines Corporation announced that they will cut down the prices of per liter of diesel by Php 2.30, and per liter of gasoline by Php 1.10 effective 6:00AM on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Shell, Petron, and Flying V will also decrease the cost of per liter of kerosene by Php 2.10 per liter.

Caltex Philippines, and Eastern Petroleum Corporation will also decrease the price of their gasoline, diesel, and kerosene for similar ratesĀ  but will take effect earlier, 12:01AM, Tuesday.

This Monday, Nov. 26, Jetti Petroleum has already implemented similar price rollbacks for their per liter of diesel, and per liter of gasoline, while SeaOil Philippines had their price rollbacks on Sunday, Nov. 25.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Fuel Philippines cut down the prices of their per liter of gasoline by Php 1.10, and per liter of diesel by Php 2.20.

Due to the recent cuts in the price of petroleum products, commuter groups strengthened their appeal for a fare rollback.

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