Oil companies implement big-time price rollback

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Various oil companies implemented a big-time price rollback of petroleum products.

The price of per liter of gasoline went down by Php 0.70, while the price of per liter of Diesel went down by Php 1.00, and the price of per liter of kerosene went down by Php 1.25.

On July 23, the oil price rollback was carried out by Petro Gazz at 6:00AM, Eastern Petroleum Corporation at 12:00 noon, and Unioil Petroleum at 2:00PM.

The price adjustments was put into effect by Seaoil Philippines at 12:01 midnight on July 24.

Shell Oil Company, Caltex Philippines, Phoenix Petroleum, PTT Philippines Corporation, Flying V, Jetti Petroleum, Total Oil Company, and Petron Corporation enforced the price rollback at 6:00AM on Tuesday.

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