NPD chief conducts surprise random drug test among CAMANAVA police

(photo credit: DZRH Edwin Duque)

Cops from the CAMANAVA area were surprised when NPD Dir. Gen. Amando Empiso ordered a random drug test at the NPD Thursday morning.

The police were rendered helpless when the General ordered to close all the doors at the conference room and shock was evident in some of the cops’ faces when Empiso said that there will be a drug test.

According to Empiso, whoever will be found guilty of using illegal drugs will be sack from their posts.

Also, the NPD cops weren’t allowed to say no because they will be asked to explain thoroughly why they should be excused from the said drug test.

Prior to this, Empiso called a general meeting at the NPD, but the truth was, he just wanted everyone to be in the same room for the drug test.

Empiso said that the NPD is one with the Philippine National Police’s campaign of internal cleansing to gain the public’s trust once again.


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