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Noven Belleza denies settlement with sexual assault complainant

Noven Belleza (Photo Credits:
Noven Belleza (Photo Credits:

Singing champion Noven Belleza denied rumors that he was acquitted from his sexual assault case due to an off-court settlement with the complainant.

According to the rising singer, he did not seek any settlement with the un-named female complainant since he will have to use his own money.

Belleza further added that the case was dismissed since he fought for it, while the complainant didn’t even attend the hearings.

Last September 11, the Cebu City Regional Trial Court dismissed the sexual assault case against Belleza due to the complainant’s refusal to pursue the case.

Meanwhile, Belleza revealed that he plans to continue his musical career even amidst the issues created by the sexual assault case. According to the rising artist, he will persist on being a singer since there are still people who admire him and want to hear him sing.

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