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Nograles appeals to Congress, approve 2018 national budget

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House Appropriations Committee Chairman Karlo Nograles is asking his fellow lawmakers to approve immediately approved the Php3.7 trillion 2018 national budget.

During his sponsorship speech, Nograles said that the bulk of the national budget aims to achieve the targets of the Duterte administration until 2022.

President Rodrigo Duterte targets to lower by 14 percent the level of poverty from its current 21.6 percent.

From the said budget, Php 2 billion will be allocated for the national ID system, Php 10 billion for the Marawi Rehabilitation fund.

Meanwhile, Php 88.4 billion will be allocated for the Conditional Cash Transfer Program.

More than Php1 trillion will be set aside from the Build, Build, Build program, Php 25 billion for the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program, and Php 3 Billion for the modernization of the Philippine Coast Guard.


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