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No gender preference for Drew and Iya


For Drew Arellano and wife Iya Villana, the gender preference of their child will be the least of their problems.

According to the couple, if they will be blessed with a baby, it wouldn’t matter to them if it’s a boy, a girl, a lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual.

Drew said that what’s important is that they have a baby that they will love and take care of.

Drew and Iya have been married for a year now and admits that they’re ready to have a baby.

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda and Lea Salonga aired out their take on Ralph Salazar’s “hate” comment against non-singers who lip-sync.

According to Vice Ganda, admitting that he himself is not a professional singer, there’s nothing wrong with non-singers’ lip syncing during performances.

Everybody deserves to fulfill their dreams.

Vice’s songs have been well-received by the public.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lea admits that she sometimes lip-syncs too when she’s under the weather.

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