Nano-Tech Safety Window Films—A must against natural disasters and crime


Nano-Tech Security films “armor your glass” from breach by burglars, solar heat, hurricanes, tornadoes, explosions, golf balls, etc. At the same time it saves enough energy to pay for itself over time.

Glass is your building’s weakest link. Nano-tech Security Film is the best made, certified window security film available and costs a fraction of tempered glass and shutters.  It works 24/7. It is the same film used on DC Federal buildings after 9/11, including the Pentagon.

Nano-tech security films also cut up to 75% of the infrared heat penetrating a window which saves from high energy bills. They have also passed the Large Missile Impact Test and Level 2 Blast certified.

Aside from safety and security, Nano-Tech also carries an abundant number of other films such as heat rejection both see-through and with shades which reject more than 94% of the sun’s heat, privacy, decorative and frosted.

Nano-Tech films are made in Japan and used by a variety of consumers such as banks, offices, hotels, private homes, cars, buildings, etc. via The Philippine Star

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