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Nadine Lustre goes solo in horror movie ‘The Nurse’

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Actress Nadine Lustre will be flying solo with her new horror film “The Nurse.”

The horror movie will be filmed in Japan and under the direction of Jun Lana.

Joining Nadine is veteran actress Lorna Tolentino.  This will be the veteran’s first film after a long break.

The film company IdeaFirst, which has produced the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino entry “Ang Manananggal sa Unit23B.” will also be producing Nadine’s latest film.

Meanwhile, Nadine’s boyfriend, James Reid, is busy preparing for his own movie “Pedro Penduko.”

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  1. Nadine, our lovely pure Pinay should be a pride of her family, fans and the Philippines. From humble beginnings, we saw her blossomed into a beautiful, glamorous artist, model, dancer, singer, and to boot, an intelligent entrepreneur in her own right, truly a model of this generation. I, for one, have long been away from the Phils. to work abroad and lost connection with our Phil. showbiz and when I retired to have time for relaxation, I fell in love with JADINE LT, after I came across their OTWOL serye, and keep on expecting something about this LT, that I even included them in my prayers for their success, love and bright future together. GOD BLESS JADINE LT ALWAYS!!! (from an AVID FAN – Vancouver, Canada)

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