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MRT3 prototype to arrive mid-August

DOTC Secretary Emilio Joseph Abaya

The Department of Transportation and Communications has assured Malacanang on the schedule of the arrival of the MRT 3 prototype.

DOTC Sec. Emilio Abaya Jr. made the statement after the project implementation team who went to Dalian, China reported that the result of their inspection in the plant of the manufacturer of the 48 new light rail vehicles of the MRT 3 system that the DOTC ordered.

Secretary Abaya said that the dynamic testing phase on the bogie of the prototype train is set this coming November.

Starting at the fourth week of January, 2016, Abaya made sure that three new coaches will be delivered every month.  This is expected to help alleviate the congestion in the MRT 3.

“As reported by the joint DOTC and MRT-3 team, the prototype is on-schedule for delivery in mid-August. The dynamic testing phase will start in November, which is when the prototype’s bogies will arrive.”

The DOTC Secretary added that it’s important to make sure that the new coaches are of high quality and are sturdy for the safety of the passengers.

In a report of the team of Abaya, the new coaches are now equipped with alternating current technology instead of a direct current system.  The new system is maintenance-free.

“What is important to us is that the train cars, once delivered, will be safe and reliable. So we prefer to be thorough with the manufacture, assembly, checking, and testing of the prototype.”

Meanwhile, Abaya together with the MRT 3 management denied claims that they will be giving away excuse letters to passengers who are affected by the hassles cause by the glitch in the MRT3.

According to Abaya, they can issue relevant incident reports to anyone who will request in the name of policy of transparency.

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