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MRT passengers complain anew amid longer queues

(File Photo)  Metro Rail Transit System (MRT) again caused delay to thousand passengers. (Photo: DZRH Val Gonzales)

Hundreds of passengers were once again irked with the latest glitch of the Metro Rail Transit as they waited in longer queues Wednesday afternoon.

In an exclusive interview over at DZRH’s Breaktime, Aly Narvaez of MRT’s media relations said that queuing was bas on Wednesday because of the lack of trains that operate around that period.

Narvaez added that as of 4pm, only eight trains were operating, four from each direction because most of the existing trains are at the MRT depot and or are under maintenance.

Narvaez said that the lack of coaches is a result of the failure of the MRT’s former maintenance provider, Busan Universal Rail Inc. to fulfill its duties.


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